Most Romantic Destinations Around the Globe by Travel Bloggers

Looking for a romantic getaway? We’ve got you covered! We’ve asked 32 travel bloggers to share their favorite romantic destinations, and we’ve included them all in this one giant post!

Romantic settings and experiences are subject to one’s character and disposition, and we just love the diversity included in this post. From tropical Hawaii to the Iranian desert, from chilly Lapland to the beaches of Zanzibar, here’s a list of romantic destinations from around the world!

Have you started planning your next romantic getaway yet? Take a look at our list of romantic destinations for inspiration!

Nikki and Michelle from Cheekpassports enjoying a cold morning sunrise at mount kelimutu - tavelling accross flores island indonesia

Most Romantic Destinations in Africa

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Zanzibar, Tanzania

By Hadas of The Fashion Matters
Zanzibar1_thefashionmatters - Most Romantic Destinations

Zanzibar is a beautiful island located in Tanzania off the coast of East Africa. With breathtaking white sand beaches, wild landscape and a variety of activities, it is no wonder Zanzibar is a popular destination for couples looking for a romantic gateway.

Couples visiting the island are able to choose from a wide variety of upscale luxury hotels around the coastline to ensure an ultimate romantic vacation. I would recommend staying in a resort located around Nungwi, a northern village with the best beaches in the island.

Zanzibar provides the perfect combination between a luxurious holiday but at the same time having an authentic African experience by visiting the local villages. Some of the recommended activities include visiting the capital Stone Town, going snorkelling and even taking a boat to Changuu Island where you can see the giant tortoises.

A vacation in Zanzibar can cater to everyone’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a vacation full of activities and adventures, interested in history and architecture, or if you just prefer relaxing by the beach, Zanzibar is perfect for you. Zanzibar is indeed a destination where you could have the best of all worlds and therefore is the perfect destination for couples.

Garden Route, South Africa

By Alya & Campbell of Stingy Nomads
Romantic-places-Garden-Route,-South-Africa_StingyNomads - Most Romantic Destinations
The Garden Route is one of the most beautiful areas in South Africa stretched for 300km along the coast between Mosselbay and Storms River. For locals, it’s a popular place to travel for honeymoon and it’s absolutely understandable.

The area is stunning; the ocean with great look outs, dramatic cliffs and endless beaches; the mountains with indigenous forest, hidden waterfalls, hiking trails and off the grid campsites. The Garden Route road trip can be great for any couple, be it a young couple seeking for an adventure honeymoon or a mature couple willing to relax and enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the area.

For the first one there are many activities to do; kayaking, black water tubing, bungee jumping (thrilling Bloukrans bridge, the highest bungee bridge in the world), canyoning, tandem sky diving, diving, hiking (famous Otter trail or less known Outeniqua trail), paragliding etc. Basically, you can do here any adventure activity you can only imagine!

If you’re on a tight budget and prefer rather to spend money on activities than having to pay a lot for accommodation, there are many amazing campsites on the way. For those who like comfort, good wines and food the Garden Route has a lot to offer as well; in-nature lodges and guest houses with impeccable service and design, exquisite restaurants offering great sea food, fish and juicy steaks, some of the best wine estates in the country – all these will make your romantic escape unforgettable.

We did the Garden Route trip for our one year marriage anniversary and absolutely enjoyed it, the trip felt like the second honeymoon and we won’t mind to repeat it again one day.

Lake Retba, Senegal

By Anne & Clemens of Travellers Archive
Lake Retba - Most Romantic Destinations
An unusual but wonderfully romantic destination for travelling couples is Lake Retba. This unique water basin lies in the Republic of Senegal in West Africa, about 40 kilometres away from the capital city of Dakar. It is also called Lac Rose or Pink Lake due to its bright pink water color that can change during the day.

The secret of the strange lake is quite simple – it contains a special kind of cyanobacteria. Remarkably, they are among the oldest microorganisms living on Earth and among the few creatures that can live in saturated salt water. Retba is one of the most salty lakes on the planet, being more salty than the Dead Sea.

Besides being a romantic place that is really nice to look at, Lake Retba invites visitors to spend a couple of hours on the shore, to lay on the beach or to visit one of the cafes and restaurants on the shore. It is also possible to take a tour on the pink water with one of the small boats. Thanks to its salt content, the lake is also famous for its salt production. If you want to take a closer look at the procedure, you can watch the salt workers at work.

Most Romantic Destinations in Asia

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Raja Ampat, Indonesia

By Nikki & Michelle of Cheeky Passports
a calm afternoon in Pulau Kri, Raja Ampat on a budget
White, soft-sand beaches, karst islands and some of the best underwater marine life we’ve ever encountered. These are the remote islands of Raja Ampat, an archipelago located in West Papua, Indonesia.

Dive resorts in Raja Ampat are plentiful, and usually provide a fantastic all-round experience, but for a more affordable experience with a local touch, it is best to stay at one of the homestays dotting the islands.

The islands in Raja Ampat are undeveloped, so it is common practice to have all your meals and water provided by your accommodation. Boat trips around the park’s attractions and other islands can be arranged by your host.

Lying in our hammocks in a little, over-the-water beach hut in such a remote part of the world, surrounded by the gorgeous sands and the gentle sound of waves, is one romantic experience we recommend to anyone looking to slow down and get away from a busy lifestyle!

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El Nido, The Philippines

By Katherine & Hali of Tara Lets Anywhere
TaraLetsAnywhere_ElNido - Most Romantic Destinations
What can be more romantic than kayaking with your loved one in emerald-green lagoons, surrounded by giant karsts, in an island often dubbed as The Most Beautiful Island in the World?

El Nido, which is located in the archipelagic island province of Palawan in the Philippines, is a must-visit for couples. It has beautiful vistas – idyllic white-sand beaches, lagoons and waterfalls. It offers various options on where to stay and what to do. You can get an accommodation near the secluded Nacpan Beach, treat yourselves on a luxurious villa across the water in the many resorts, or go glamping off-the-grid.

In the morning, you can go on an island-hopping cruise and/or engage in other activities such as kayaking, snorkeling and diving, or simply bask under the sun in empty beaches. You can also explore the land area in a motorbike. In the evening, you can get a candlelit dinner on beachside restaurants or even a casual drink in Republica Sunset Bar, which offers the best sunset view in the area.

The mere beauty of El Nido makes it a perfect romantic getaway for couples especially on honeymoon or other special occasions.

Kapas, Malaysia

By Daniel & Jessica of Our Planet Lust
Kapas_Ourplanetlust - Most Romantic Destinations
The multi-cultural country of Malaysia has long been renowned as land of diverse ethnic cuisine and tropical paradises. Throughout peninsular Malaysia, none were as stunning as Pulau Kapas on the country’s eastern seaboard. Turquoise, blue beaches, healthy coral reefs and a thriving marine ecosystem which will be well welcomed by adventurous couples with a love for the sea and the sun.

The island has long been living under the shadowy cast of its much popular neighbours, the Perhentian Islands, making it the perfect getaway for a couple looking to experience Malaysian Island life on a budget. Accommodation options on the island can be counted on the palm of two hands and range from diving resorts to campsites for the more adventurous. All options will cost significantly less than you would normally pay in terms of western prices or other Malaysian Islands, which is always a significant plus.

Activities on the island will be mostly limited to beers and cocktails at sunset, and pristine beach bumming for couples looking for a simple, relaxed few days, and snorkelling/diving for those looking to get up close and personal with the underwater world. The coral reefs on Kapas and its sister Gem Island, are some of the best we have encountered across Peninsular Malaysia and a couple of hours of snorkelling will give you a high probability of spotting a couple of turtles, small manta rays and one or two black tip reef sharks (they don’t bite we promise – black tips are some of the friendliest shark species on the planet).

For couples interested in trekking, we will have to admit that Kapas is not the particular place for it – there are a couple of paths which go through some of the thickest jungle we have been across leading to a couple of rocks on the other side unfortunately. We believe your time will be better spent with a book and some drinks on the beach instead.

Secluded and absolutely stunning with reasonable prices, makes Pulau Kapas an island experience which will not be available for long so if you’re heading to Peninsular Malaysia anytime soon, make sure to tick it off the list before it’s too late!

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Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

By Keri of Our Globetrotters
Phi Phi Islands_ourglobetrotters - Most Romantic Destinations
Perfect for those who like to mix a little adventure with their romance – our Paradise is the island of Phi Phi Don. I mean, what can be more romantic than a destination that can only be reached by boat?

It is easy to hire your own long boat from here, or join one of the tours put on by the hotel. Popular spots to visit are Ko Phi Phi Leh with its stunningly famous Maya Beach and Viking Caves. Visit the popular Monkey Beach or try one of the more remote islands Ko Bi Na Nok or Ko Bida Nai for excellent snorkelling and diving.

The main township on Phi Phi Don of Tonsai Bay can be thriving during the day with day trippers from Phuket and Krabi bustling through the narrow lane ways and markets (there are no cars on the island). By night it can turn into a bit of a party town if that’s your scene, or there are still plenty of quiet nooks to simply enjoy the view with a drink.

Our favorite spot to end the day to watch the sunset was the tiny and little known beach of Loh Lana Bay (just head back to the village before the tide rises or you will find yourself with a less than romantic slippery climb back!). The small village behind the resort was great for a traditional local feed, massages and friendly banter.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

By Mike of Travel and Destinations
Bali, Indonesia by Mike Clegg Photography - Most Romantic Destinations
For those wanting a beautiful and romantic getaway, then I would suggest staying at a luxury resort in Ubud Bali. There are plenty to choose from and some are located deep within forests. Being in a resort like this will feel like the perfect escape away from everything, where you can just relax in the company of your partner.

A few nice and romantic things to do while in Ubud includes going for walks, visiting a monkey forest, exploring rice plantations such as Tegalalang, going for bike rides through the local villages, having candlelit dinners, or just chilling by the pool with a tasty cocktail.

Ubud and Bali are also great places for people to visit due to the warmth of the locals who give big friendly smiles. This is contagious and results in you instantly feeling even more happy. On the island, you’ll also find several beaches which are a little bit away from Ubud, but are perfect for watching the sun go down whilst holding hands with that special someone.

The Maldives

By Bertaut & Alexis of World Travel Adventurers
Maldives - Most Romantic Destinations
The Maldives are one of the most romantic places to visit in the world. The astounding beauty will take your breath away and put you in the mood for love. White sand beaches meet stunning turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Stay in a luxurious bungalow perched above the most beautiful water on Earth and watch fish and reef sharks swim below from your private deck. The crystal clear water is teaming with life for fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving. Catch the sunset during a private dinner on the beach as the waves lap against the shore, setting the scene for a perfect evening.

Take a sunset cruise on a private yacht while you sip champagne. Wake up with a sunrise yoga class on the beach with your lover and then spend the day in your private plunge pool sipping cocktails out of coconuts. Everything about the Maldives whispers romance. Add the Maldives to your bucket list for 2018!

Maranjab desert, Iran

By Daryl & Deborah of Wild Feathers Blog
Wildfeathers_iran - Most Romantic Destinations
This is a snap of our bike and tent, in the middle of the Maranjab desert in Iran surrounded by nothing but a sky full of glowing stars. Not the kind of romantic destination you find on brochures, right?

But really and truly, if you’re wild and adventurous, and if having your partner is simply enough what else do you need? In a trip like ours, our best moments are not measured by the most luxurious and exciting destinations – in fact, we don’t even go there…but by what we go through in our normal days of adventure. Most of the time, we connect in places where its only us and nature, away from luxuries, technology and commercialism.

So in our opinion…there is no perfect destination for romance – any place can be special, and you don’t have to spend money at all. You just got to appreciate what you have, be present and live the moment.

Most Romantic Destinations in Europe

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Cinque Terre, Italy

By Chris of Dolce Does Travel
Cinque Terre_ChrisDolceCastillo - Most Romantic Destinations
Italy is by far one of the most romantic countries on Earth, but of all the amazing cities and towns, Cinque Terre definitely takes the cake. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your loved one to get lost for a few days in total bliss, head straight to the Italian Riviera.

Dramatic coastal views, perfect pastel buildings, and small fishing village charm sprawled all along the glistening Mediterranean Sea provides the perfect setting for any couple in love to soak up La Dolce Vita.

Cinque Terre – meaning 5 lands to represent its 5 villages – has something for every couple. Explore each village by hiking from town to town and stop to share a gelato along the way. Hop on a ferry or train between each town. Enjoy a blissful boozy lunch along the waterfront in Vernazza. Take in a late afternoon apertivo with one of the best views at Nessun Dorma in Manarola. Lounge on the beach in Monterosso. Charter a boat for the afternoon from Riomaggiore. Check out the vineyards – and the local wine – in the highest village of Corniglia. And, definitely order the pesto wherever you go.

No matter what adventure you seek in the Cinque Terre, you’ll only fall deeper in love – with both your significant other and with the Italian Riviera.

Andalucia, Spain

By Inma of A World to Travel
Andalucia - Most Romantic Destinations
Southern European countries have a special touch that makes them romantic. Think of Italy, Greece, and Spain. They all enjoy a great weather – especially in the summer months – and lots of gorgeous spots where lovebirds can enjoy some quality time together and take lots of cheesy pictures against gorgeous backdrops.

Anyhow, if I had to pick a special romantic destination within the Mediterranean countries, that needs to be Andalusia.

With cities like Granada, Sevilla, and Cadiz, long beaches, delicious cuisine and warm weather all year long, the south of Spain is a place that should be on every couple’s travel list and the best way to make it happen is planning an Andalusia road trip!

Where else could you take pictures like these?

Prague, Czech Republic

By Ryan of Treksplorer
prague_treksplorer - Most Romantic Destinations
Knowing that I’ll face the potential wrath of all the Parisians reading this post, I’m still compelled to boldly suggest another contender for Europe’s most romantic destination: Prague.

No doubt the City of Lights is the quintessential European retreat for couples. But it’s hard to not feel a little spark when you leap into the arms of the Czech capital.

Prague’s handsome outward appearance immediately feels more like a setting for a medieval fairytale than a living & breathing modern European city. As soon as you step foot into Prague’s Old Town for the first time a magical feeling washes over you, an unmistakable rush that’s impossible to ignore.

And even with the streets now teeming with newfound admirers, it’s hard to dispel how perfect Prague is for couples. Whatever the setting—whether under a moonlit summer sky, a fresh blanket of snow or a light rain that reflects off the cobbled streets—walking hand-in-hand with your significant other among the city’s remarkable Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic architecture will transport you to a world where you’ll feel as if you’re all alone together.

Besides the simple pleasures of getting to know the city, Prague is laden with romantic experiences. Treat yourself to one of the best places to stay in Prague, and you might just find a world-class European spa at your fingertips where you and your partner can let your stresses melt away side-by-side.

Or, even simpler, settle down in one of Prague’s best restaurants and enjoy a candlelight dinner with a glass of Czech wine or pilsner as you stare out the window to soak in the sights and sounds of Central Europe’s most enchanting capital.

Eiffel tower in Paris, France

By Somnath of Travel Crusade
Paris1_travelcrusade - Most Romantic Destinations
Eiffel Tower in Paris is my most preferred romantic destination in Europe. There are light shows taking place every day in the evening which is a favorable romantic gateway for couples and lovers in this paradise.

One of the worlds most renowned monuments, the Eiffel Tower is always in the top travel wish-list of millions. It was built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. The monument glitters with the prestigious light shows so it would be wise to pay a tribute to this structure in the evening. The photographs can be taken from various angles to catch the different dimensions of the tower from the top. This site hosts some important events of international importance and is visited by more than 5 million visitors every year.

The architecture is wonderful and unique and is valued in this part of the continent and the whole world pays a tribute to such exemplary work. The best part of this tower is that it can be visited at any time of the day but evening is considered the best time for paying a tribute.

There have been lot of movies in Bollywood and Hollywood proclaiming the importance of this monument which is considered an important and romantic gateway to picture romantic scenes.

Castles in Germany

By Hannah & Adam of Getting Stamped
Getting Stamped Germany Castle - Most Romantic Destinations
One of the most romantic places we visited last year was driving along the Romantic Road visiting some of the famous castles in Germany. Rent a car and see where the road brings you.

There is something about castles, they make every girl feel like a princess living in a fairytale. We suggest packing a little picnic and bottle of wine and finding a quiet spot to sit with your loved one and enjoy the view. On our last trip to Germany, we even stayed in three castles. There are several castles that have been converted into hotels or families that have rooms to rent in their private castles. There are over 20,000 castles in Germany so make sure to keep your eyes open for castle signs.

Some of our favorites weren’t the big famous ones like Neuschwanstein castle. Make sure to visit the lesser popular ones located off the Romantic Road like Cochem, Messpebrun, and Liechtenstein.

Zermatt, Switzerland

By Kelly of A Pair of Passports
Zermatt2_Apairofpassports - Most Romantic Destinations
Ski resorts in the Swiss Alps are absolutely perfect for romantic getaways. Think cozy fireplaces, stunning mountain views, and hot mulled wine. Top it all off with the adrenaline of flying down the mountain with your loved one, and it’s the perfect trip for couples!

Our particular favorite spot in the Swiss Alps is Zermatt, and we try to make it out for a romantic weekend at least once per year – either just the two of us or with another couple or two. Our days are spent skiing, stopping every once in a while at one of Zermatt’s incredible mountainside restaurants for a hot cocoa or (towards the end of the day) a refreshing glass of rose. After a bit of après ski and a short nap, dinner is usually at one of Zermatt’s many cozy fondue restaurants.

Zermatt village itself is beautiful and there is nothing more romantic than wandering the snowy streets hand in hand. The day is finished at our accommodation, with a few more drinks and board games in our pajamas. It’s a weekend of luxury and coziness and, with the fresh mountain air, it couldn’t be more romantic!

Rome, Italy

By Kate of Our Escape Clause
RomePalatineHill_ourescapeclause - Most Romantic Destinations
Impressive archaeological sites, delicious food, some of the best wine in the world, and endless gorgeous streets to wander through hand-in-hand with your love under the glow of moonlight: when you think of romantic destinations for couples, it’s impossible to avoid immediately considering Rome.

While you’re there, be sure to admire artistic masterpieces (including the Sistine Chapel!) together in the Vatican, to peer into the Colosseum, to share a kiss at the top of Palatine Hill, and to admire the impressive Pantheon.

After you finish checking out the major sights, feel free to continue to work your way through all of the amazing art, architecture, and history that Rome has to offer… or simply decide to relax with your love and take it slow, bouncing from coffee shop to restaurant to gelato stand and lazily while enjoying all the cappuccinos, pasta, gelato, and wine you can get your hands on.

However long you spend in Rome, be sure that before you leave, you throw three coins into the Trevi Fountain together: the first to make sure you make it back to Rome one day, the second to guarantee a new romance (or a new level of romance with your beloved–that’s how we chose to interpret it!), and the third to ensure marriage–and what could be more a more romantic end of a trip to Rome together than that?

Verona, Italy

By Tamason of Travelling Book Junkie
Verona-Arena-Most Romantic Destinations
Being the home of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona, has become a city symbolizing love. Wandering around the narrow cobbled streets, drawing your eyes to the beautiful architecture you can see why couples fall in love here. By day, you can explore the ancient ruins of the Arena or climb the Lamberti Tower to get a glimpse of not just the city but the surrounding countryside before heading over to live out your very own romantic scene at Juliet’s Balcony.

But it is at night where this city shines, when all the tourists have returned to Lake Garda and the streets succumb to the darkness. When Verona is lit up, it takes on a completely different persona, like it is wrapping you up into its arms for a night of romance. With the small, intense, but extremely romantic bistros, restaurants and street side cafes to enjoy, any couple looking for a secluded spot to enjoy wonderful food and fantastic wine will be spoilt for choice here.

For me, whilst other people will advise you that a city should not be visited during the peak summer season, this is exactly when you should be visiting Verona. Why? Each evening, during this time, the Arena becomes the beating heart of the city when it opens its doors to those coming to experience the open air opera performances. Surely, nothing is more romantic than watching an emotional opera singer whilst huddling up together on the time-worn steps under the stars.

Santorini, Greece

By Nellie of Adventure Travel Blog WildJunket
Nellie_Santorini - Most Romantic Destinations
If you’re looking for the most romantic spot in Europe, this has got to be it. The Greek island of Santorini is made up of small clusters of white-washed villages perched on steep craggy volcanic cliffs, with the clear blue water from the Aegean Sea lapping against black sand beaches.

Everywhere you go, you see white-and-blue architecture, cobble-stoned walkways and the beautiful Aegean Sea. My husband and I spent some of the best days of our lives wandering around the picturesque town of Oia, getting lost in the narrow alleyways and drinking Ouzo in cave bars that overlook the sea.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

By Lyn & Steve of A Hole in my Shoe
Aholeinmyshoe_Ljubljana - Most Romantic Destinations
Day or night Ljubljana is so romantic. Strolling in this charismatic city is very impressive whether along the banks of the Ljubljana River or through the streets of the city’s old town. The old world architecture and the quiet, spacious streets make this city so appealing. A funicular ride up to the 15th century Ljubljana Castle to enjoy the superb views and breathtaking panorama overlooking the Town Square with your loved one is truly magical.

The medieval fortress glows from the lights, adding to the romance of the area, creating a fairytale ambiance that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city centre. And every good fairytale needs its own dragon and according to the legends of this enchanting city, the mythical dragon slayed by St George lived beneath the hill where Ljubljana Castle it situated.

Meandering through the cobbled streets and waterside shops and restaurants is serene, peaceful and quaint. You will discover how charismatic this cute city is as you go wandering in aimless awe through back alleys and quiet narrow streets filled with charming pastel buildings. Much of the Art Nouveau architecture shows strong character with the beauty and patina of age and wear from crumbling plaster helps reveal its charm.

People may find the name hard to pronounce, but they are amazed by its beauty and it is a place rich in history. It oozes the same romantic feel of Paris and Vienna and will soon have you declaring love at first sight.

Lake Como, Italy

By Kathy of 50 Shades of Age
Lake-Como-Views_50shadesofage - Most Romantic Destinations
When it comes to romantic destinations in the world, forget the over-crowded European cities of Venice and Paris, and consider spending a romantic few days at Lake Como located in Northern Italy.

The lake is set against the foothills of The Alps that provide breathtaking scenery and is dotted with small villages full of charm and character. You can easily find a small villa or hotel to base yourself and then set off to explore the lake.

Jump aboard one of the ferries that traverse the lake or splash out and grab a retro speedboat taxi service that will take you wherever you want to go on the lake. The Lake Como water taxi hire usually includes a visit to the beautiful villas of Lake Como, a stop for a swim in the most amazing places, or for lunch or dinner at a romantic venue.

Possibly one of the most renowned villages on Lake Como, Bellagio is known as the “pearl of the lake”. I discovered it did have a certain romantic feel about it with its world-class hotels, elegant villas, glorious gardens and lakeside restaurants providing the perfect place to devour the lake’s famous panorama!

Lapland, Finland

By Lenise of Lenise Calleja Photography
lenisecalleja.photography_lapland - Most Romantic Destinations
What can be more romantic than cuddling up in a cosy bed underneath the stars or (if you are lucky enough) assisting to one of the most spectacular shows offered by Mother Nature the Aurora Borealis? You can do this if you visit the Finnish Lapland, a destination that had been for long on my bucket list and that I thought I was not able to afford.

Sleeping in one of the numerous glass igloos in the area is far from being cheap, however I would do it again if I had the chance as it was one of the most incredible experiences ever. Sleeping at least one night here is an absolute must and we were able to afford it, only after saving up some money from accommodation booked for the rest of our trip. Lapland is a very expensive destination even though there are ways to save money like travelling by train or renting a car instead of booking excursions.

The excursions in Lapland are varied from tranquil forest safaris on reindeer sleighs to adrenaline packed activities like snowmobiling and husky rides.

Lisbon, Portugal

By James of Worldwide Shopping Guide
lisbon - worldwide shopping guide - Most Romantic Destinations
Although most people think of Paris when they think of romantic European cities, Lisbon has as much (if not more) to offer as a romantic travel destination. Personally, I think Lisbon could be the most romantic city in Europe.

Lisbon is best explored on foot, which is probably the most romantic way to explore a city. The seven hills that the city is built on are steep, forcing you to slow down and take the city in slowly. There are stops along the way, in the form of “miradouros.” Miradouro literally translates as golden view, and that’s exactly what these spots are: places with exceptional views over the city. The perfect spot for taking that all-important romantic selfie!

Then there’s the food. Portugal is particularly famous for two types of food, seafood and pastéis de nata (Portuguese custard tarts). Seafood, especially lobster and oysters, are regarded as some of the most romantic food that you can eat, and there are plenty of great seafood restaurants (cervejarias) around the city. Pastéis de nata are decadent and equally romantic, and a key part of any trip to Lisbon is visiting pastelarias like Pastéis de Belém and Manteigaria to see which one is the best.

Portugal’s traditional music, Fado, is a must on any trip to Lisbon but especially a romantic one. You’ll find shows taking place all over the city, especially in Alfama, Mouraria, and the Bairro Alto. Fado is incredibly passionate and soulful, and it’s almost impossible not to be moved when listening – the perfect way to end an incredibly romantic day in Lisbon.

Most Romantic Destinations in Oceania

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Fraser Island, Australia

By Kirsten & Leon of DreamTrip of a Lifetime
fraserIsland_Dreamtrip - Most Romantic Destinations
White sandy beaches, Eucalyptus trees, sand dunes, rainforests, crystal clear lakes and gorgeous wildlife. Welcome to the biggest sand island in the world – Fraser Island, or K’Gari, Aboriginal for ‘Paradise’.

Spending 6 full days off-roading, exploring, camping and swimming, so far Fraser Island is one of our fondest memories we have together, even after traveling together for the past 6 years. It is an alternative romantic destination, but pure paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sleeping in our 4wd right next to the beaches, we spent our mornings watching sunrises, driving on the 75-mile sand highway, coming across dingoes, dolphins and viewing wild whales. Swimming in the natural Champagne Pools, lazy stream tubing at Eli Creek and viewing turtles in the clear waters of Lake McKenzie. We trekked through Sandblows (sand volcanos) and passed through rainforest to reach very quiet lakes, and spend hours swimming and sunbathing on our own.

Red sunsets and skies carpeted with stars and milky way. So peaceful, no ATM’s, no roads, and far from a party island. The only thing missing were beers! One of the few places you can rewind. We found it difficult to leave and go back to reality. Couldn’t have asked for a better 4-year anniversary get-away!

Ocean Beach, Kawhia, South Island, New Zealand

By Sarah of A Social Nomad
Kawhia Beach New Zealand - Most Romantic Destinations
I can think of nowhere more romantic than a desolate long beach on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Ocean Beach, Kawhia is where my husband took me for our wedding anniversary.
He picked up a shovel in one hand, then me by the hand and led me over the dunes to the smell of rotten eggs.

There was no one else on the vast black sandy beach and we could see for miles. The weather was good, if a little chilly, our hoodies soon discarded on the sand as we worked up a sweat. Digging a hole in the sand to create our own little hot water beach spa.

The rotten egg smell wasn’t too strong, the water was hot and flowed in our built for two spa and we relaxed and wished each other “Happy Anniversary” to the sound of the rolling surf. Bliss.

Ocean Beach, Kawhia is one of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets. At 90 kilometres south of Hamilton this isn’t somewhere that you stumble on by accident. The road in (and out), is glorious if you have good weather. The beach is reached from the town of Kawhia, which is at low tide, geothermally heated water bubbles up through the sand and allows you to create your own natural spa.

The views are glorious, the water is hot and the company was great. It’s a very magical experience to have an entire beach on which to celebrate romance!


By Leezett & John of Discover Family Travel
Fiji_DiscoverFamilyTravel - Most Romantic Destinations
If there is a perfect romantic destination for couples looking to getaway, it’s the island of Fiji.
With warm tropical days, sweeping beaches lined with swaying coconut trees, crystal clear water, and colourful fish, it makes Fiji a draw card for those looking to unwind, connect and snuggle up in paradise.

If lazing on beaches with a cocktail in your hand is not your thing, Fiji is also perfect for the adventure loving couple looking to connect in nature. Long 4×4 tracks, shark feeding without cages, trekking over mountain tops with views that are as far as the eye can see, being welcomed into villages and partaking in the traditional Kava Ceremony. It makes it an exciting destination for couples looking for that extra thrill.

But if being treated like royalty, indulging in 5 star culinary delights, sleeping through pampered massages, soaking in plunge pools, and enjoy bubbles while watching the sun go down, is your dream, then Fiji’s Adult Only Resorts are calling you.

Connect as a couple, disconnect from 9 to 5 and experience soul filling – Fiji Time.

Most Romantic Destinations in North America

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We always promote independent travel, without the need of an organised tour, but if you have difficulty planning your own trip, or you are short on time, we suggest that you take a look at the trips by Viator and G Adventures

Alaska, US

By Dan of Honeymoon Always
Alaska_Dan - Most Romantic Destinations
Alaska is one of our favorite destinations with a mix of romance and adventure. The landscapes are beautiful, making it an ideal place for relaxation. It’s very easy to find accommodation with a view of the ocean where you can order breakfast in bed, and stay cozy in your bed watching eagles fly by, seals play by the ocean and even see whales swim by.

There are so many opportunities to see wildlife and the chilly air has its way of bringing people close together. By day you can go on a cruise to see glaciers and whales, but spend the night next to the fire enjoying the late-night sunlight. With several hot springs in Alaska, or even more convenient hot tubs, you can take a dip together to warm up and relax.

Just getting around can be romantic. You can take a cruise the entire time enjoying romantic dinners and activities on the ship. Several railroads have dome cars where you can see scenic Alaska as you travel from city to city. Some cities are not connected by road so you will be able to fly in a small seaplane together or take a ferry to get around.

If you head to Alaska for your Honeymoon, anniversary or for any occasion, let your accommodation know if you want romance. Many places have romance packages and can arrange for couple’s massages and other activities to make your stay extra special.


By Nick & Dariece of Goats on the Road
grenada - Most Romantic Destinations
When considering a romantic holiday, look no further than the Caribbean…and in particular, the island of Grenada! This place is the perfect spot for watching the sun kiss the Caribbean sea with a glass of wine (or rum punch) in hand. Plus, you can learn about chocolate and nutmeg production with your significant other, or dance the night away to some soca and steelpan tunes!

If you’re up for a more activity filled holiday for two, you can go swimming in waterfalls, hiking in the jungle, snorkelling or scuba diving in the clear sea, or just go for a drive and explore the island. There are endless things to do in Grenada. Trust me, you’ll never be bored on this beautiful island

Hawaii, US

By Charlie & Kristina of MapTrotting
Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii_maptrotting - Most Romantic Destinations
We were incredibly lucky to spend 3 fantastic weeks island hopping in Hawaii for our honeymoon. So, it’s not hard to guess that for us, Hawaii will always be one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Hawaii is so much more than just golden sand beaches and Mai Tai cocktails, it’s an ongoing birth of the islands. The natural beauty of Kauai and the lava rock covered Big Island has blown our minds time and time again. We’ve never seen anything like this before.

The sunsets above the clouds at the snowy top of Mauna Kea are as romantic as they are overwhelming. Meanwhile the sunrise atop the largest dormant volcano in the world, Haleakala, is out of this world.

The little Hawaiian towns, surrounded by the Pacific, are filled with sunshine, surfers and Aloha vibe. Life goes on here for the locals, but for us, travellers, Hawaii is the definition of a romantic getaway.

Whether you are a hopeless romantic or an outdoors enthusiast, you will find incredible things to do here. From dinners on the beach and whale watching cruises to exhilarating hikes deep in Waimea Canyon and panoramic helicopter rides over the emerald green Na Pali coast.

Not convinced yet? Rent a car and drive to Hana, the jaw-dropping coastal highway in Maui. Swim in crystal clear waterfall pools and enjoy black sand beaches along the way. Snorkel, dive, spot turtles, boogie board, the list is endless.

One thing we know, we are going back!

New York, US

By Alan & Tiffany of Married with Passports
NY_marriedwithpassports - Most Romantic Destinations
When you think about New York City your initial reaction might not be “romantic” but you might just be surprised. The beauty of this city is that anything can happen here, we call it the Magic of the City.

Whatever you’re into, whatever you look for in a romantic getaway, NYC offers it…. and then some!
Are you a history buff? There are literally enough federal buildings with a great story behind them, museums of all sorts and everything you could imagine to keep you occupied for a whole year.
Do you like to be in nature? Then head towards Central Park!
Are you someone who’s into architecture? Just look around you and you’ll fall in-love with every step you take.

Are you an artist, or maybe you just love art? Head down to MoMa, the Museum of Modern Art and I guarantee you that you wouldn’t even know a whole day has passed outside.
Do you like the theater? Then where else would you go other than the world-famous Broadway?
For those young and adventurous at heart you can always head towards Coney Island.

So why do we love it as a couple? And why do we find it the most romantic city in the world? That’s easy – it combines all our loves in one place. For us New York houses Tiffany’s favorite building in the world, the Empire State Building. It also is home to my favorite bridge (yes I love bridges, they’re simply beautiful).

Alan on the other hand loves Broadway, he loves harbor rides and looking at the skyline.
Together however we simply love walking around this great city that truly never sleeps. Heading to Brooklyn Bridge Park for a carousel ride, we love that this city satisfies the foodie side of both of us and last but not least, the most romantic thing about New York is simply the fact that anything can happen in this great city!

California, US

By Chris of Amateur Traveler
lovers-point_Amateurtraveler1 - Most Romantic Destinations
My favorite romantic place in the world is the lovely Monterey Peninsula area in the central coast of California. The weather is temperate, ranging only from 14 °C (57 °F) in winter to 21 °C (70 °F) in the summer. The coastline is spectacular with day trips available down the famous Highway 1, or just over the hill to Carmel by the Sea. There are many wonderful restaurants in the area.

Our favorite thing to do is the walk along the coast from Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove to Canary Row and the world class Monterey Aquarium. If you hang out long enough at Lover’s Point on a weekend, you are likely to see at least one wedding party. The coast in between is rocks and small beaches, flowering ice plant and Cyprus trees. You can often spot Sea Otters and can always spot Harbor Seals basking on one of the beaches. If you are looking for something more active, you can rent a bike and bike or walk to Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey or rent a sea kayak when the bay is calm.

There are some great hotels in the area but our favorite place to stay is at one of the Inns in Pacific Grove. Pacific Grove was built as a religious retreat in the 1800s and has a collection of old Victorians both in its downtown and right along the water that can make this a wonderfully romantic weekend trip.

Most Romantic Destinations in South America

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We always promote independent travel, without the need of an organised tour, but if you have difficulty planning your own trip, or you are short on time, we suggest that you take a look at the trips by Viator and G Adventures

Buenos Aires, Argentina

By Stefan & Sebastien of Nomadic Boys
Nomadic Boys tango in Puerto Madero Buenos Aires - Most Romantic Destinations
We love Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and found it one of the most romantic destinations we’ve been to.

There are many romantic experiences to do together in Buenos Aires. For us learning to dance tango together at a “milonga” (tango hall) was our favorite. Tango is the romance of Argentina. This sensual dance which originates from Río de la Plata is so mesmerizing that you could watch it for hours and not blink an eye. Another way to enjoy it is by watching it over a candlelit dinner.

Another favorite romantic pastime in Buenos Aires is a romantic stroll along the river bank of the recently revamped Puerto Madero neighborhood. This used to be the old port of Buenos Aires but today is a trendy hangout with lots of restaurants and bars. The architectural highlight is the iconic Puente de las Mujeres (“Women’s Bridge”) – a pedestrian bridge meant to represent a couple dancing tango. The lit-up river bank at night makes it the ideal place for a romantic walk.

Finally, a more unique activity to do in Buenos Aires is to visit an estancia (cattle ranch) and learn to play polo, just like they did in the old days of the cowboy-like gauchos. It’s a very Argentinian experience, and most estancias will offer a delicious “parilla” meal which will include different cuts of the infamous Argentinian beef.

There you have them! 32 of the most romantic destinations on the planet according to travel bloggers! Would you add any others to this list?

Featured Image Photo Credit Bertaut & Alexis of World Travel Adventurers

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Most Romantic Destinations around the Globe by Travel Bloggers - Romantic settings and experiences are subject to one’s character and disposition. Are you looking for a romantic getaway? We’ve got you covered! We’ve asked 32 travel bloggers to share their favorite romantic destinations, and we’ve included them all in this one giant post! Read on and plan ahead! #romantic #destinations #travel #romanticplaces #honeymoon #valentines

Most Romantic Destinations around the Globe by Travel Bloggers - Romantic settings and experiences are subject to one’s character and disposition. Are you looking for a romantic getaway? We’ve got you covered! We’ve asked 32 travel bloggers to share their favorite romantic destinations, and we’ve included them all in this one giant post! Read on and plan ahead! #romantic #destinations #travel #romanticplaces #honeymoon #valentines

Most Romantic Destinations around the Globe by Travel Bloggers - Romantic settings and experiences are subject to one’s character and disposition. Are you looking for a romantic getaway? We’ve got you covered! We’ve asked 32 travel bloggers to share their favorite romantic destinations, and we’ve included them all in this one giant post! Read on and plan ahead! #romantic #destinations #travel #romanticplaces #honeymoon #valentines


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