The fairy meadows road

How to get to Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

The Fairy Meadows, Pakistan (locally known as Joot), is easily one of the most beautiful destinations in a country in ...
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Michelle with children from Kalasha - places to visit in Pakistan

Exploring the Kalash Valley in Chitral, Pakistan

The absolutely spectacular Kalash Valley in Northern Pakistan’s Chitral district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is easily one of the best places ...
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Views of the Shandur Pass in Pakistan

Best Places to visit in Gilgit-Baltistan and the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Gilgit-Baltistan, formerly known as the Northern Areas of Pakistan, might just be one of the most captivating regions in all ...
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The best places to visit in Pakistan in three weeks (Northern side)

Overlooked and many times a destination which is misunderstood, Pakistan is pretty much off the beaten track for many foreigners, ...
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Iran Itinerary – Backpacking in Iran for 30 days

Having spent a total of 30 days backpacking in Iran, we feel that our Iran itinerary covers all the best ...
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The Most Beautiful Places in Iran – A Guide

It’s no secret that we fell head over heels in love with Iran on our first visit there, so we’re ...
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Things to do in Kashan, Iran in one day

The beautiful city of Kashan, Iran, is one of the country’s ‘showpieces’. Once a well-kept secret, we quickly discovered that ...
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How to travel to Yazd and top things to do in Yazd

Even if you’re in Iran only for a short while it is very likely that you will travel to Yazd ...
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Exploring the Kaluts and the Shahdad Desert in Iran (Dasht e Lut)

As soon as we got to the edge of the Shahdad desert in Iran, where the Kaluts are located, we ...
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The Red Beach of Hormuz Iran

Hormuz Island Travel Guide – How to Organise a Trip to Iran’s Rainbow Island

If you’ve enjoyed exploring Qeshm island, you will absolutely love Hormuz island, Iran’s Rainbow island and geological wonder. Despite having ...
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Iran’s Qeshm Island – a guide to Qeshm travel

You might not normally associate islands with Iran, but the country’s Persian Gulf in the south, is home to the ...
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Ghalat Village in Iran – a nature break from city life in Shiraz

If you’re not tight with time during your visit to Shiraz, consider an escape to Ghalat, a little village in ...
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Shiraz Travel Guide and Shiraz Attractions in Three Days

The city of Shiraz, set in a fertile valley in the southwest of Iran, is one of the most important ...
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Sunrise over the Varzaneh Desert

How to visit the Varzaneh Desert in Iran

A couple of hours away from Isfahan, lies the Varzaneh desert, a spectacular area of silent golden sand dunes, close ...
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Si o Se Pol Bridge in Isfahan

A Guide to Isfahan Attractions and Things to do in Isfahan

The city of Isfahan is easily one of the most popular destinations in Iran, due to the high concentrations of ...
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the hamlet of Palangan

Exploring Palangan Village in Iranian Kurdistan and things to do in Kermanshah

Before planning our independent trip to Iran, we had never heard about Palangan village in Iranian Kurdistan, an area of ...
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How to visit Kandovan in Iran and other things to do in Tabriz

Many of us have heard of Cappadocia in Turkey, but few know of Kandovan in Iran, a similar, though smaller ...
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The scenary at the Alamut Valley - best things to do in Qazvin

Exploring the Alamut Valley and other things to do in Qazvin

About two hours’ drive away from Tehran lies Qazvin, the former capital of the Persian Empire, and the Alamut Valley ...
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Food in Iran

Food in Iran – A Guide to Traditional Persian Dishes

You all know how much we love to eat, and we will start off by saying that the food in ...
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The Azadi tower, a top on your list of what to do in Tehran

What to do in Tehran and Tehran tourist attractions in one day

If you’re traveling to Iran, it is likely that Tehran will be your gateway to the rest of the country, ...
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Detail of the pink Mosque in Shiraz

Guide to getting your Iran visa and independent travel to Iran

You’ve surely heard just how amazing Iran can be as a travel destination (honestly, we cannot recommend it enough), although ...
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Malta itinerary – how to spend a week in Malta and best places to go in Malta

It’s a shame that we’ve never written a post about our home country Malta, or given our readers some insight ...
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The traditional motorino is a common sighting in calabria

The Best Things to do in Calabria and Calabria Itinerary

If quaint mountain villages, undeveloped beaches and charming fishing villages are your thing, head over to southern Italy and follow ...
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Le Castella was one of our favourite places to visit in Crotone

A Guide to the Best Things to do in Crotone, Calabria

The Calabrian city of Crotone in southern Italy, might feel pretty off the beaten track when compared to Italy’s larger, ...
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