The Sultanate of Brunei is rarely considered to be a travel destination, and to be fair, there are not a whole lot of things to do in the country. Brunei is incredibly wealthy thanks to its oil and gas resources, and travelers are few. But a quick visit will unfold beautiful mosques, an almost untouched rainforest, stilted villages and some of the most helpful and polite people in Southeast Asia!

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Some facts about Brunei

  • Education and medical services are free for citizens of Brunei who also receive subsidized food and housing. They do not pay personal income tax.
  • The name Brunei Darussalam means “Abode of Peace“.
  • Brunei’s official currency is the Bruneian Dollar (BND).
  • The country is officially Muslim.
  • The sale and public consumption of alcohol is illegal in Brunei.
  • The current Sultan of Brunei belongs to the same family that has ruled Brunei for over six hundred years.

Best time to travel to Brunei

The best time to visit Brunei is from January through till May when the weather is dry but not boiling hot. June to August is peak season for travel even though it is very hot at this time of year. The period of September to December sees a lot of rain.

Time in Brunei

GMT +8

Language in Brunei

 The official language of Brunei is Malay, with English also being a recognized language.

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in Brunei

The visa situation in Brunei

Visa requirements and conditions are subject to frequent changes. Always check the latest requirements with your Brunei embassy or consulate to determine which type of visa (if any at all) is the most suitable.

Visa-free entry: granted to nationals of many countries.

Visa on arrival: granted for 30 days or 15 days at the Brunei International Airport.

Entry to Brunei is refused to Israeli citizens.

Traveling in Brunei

Almost everyone drives their own car in Brunei so the public transport system is not very well-developed. Taxis are few and quite costly. It is possible to catch local buses for about $1 around the capital and outlying towns though you might have trouble figuring out the system. Worry not, the local people will be very ready to help you out!

Food in Brunei

The food In Brunei is similar to that in Malaysia with rice, noodles and dishes such as laksa and chicken rice being popular. Hawker-style food is widely available, normally well-cooked and delicious.

The night market in Gadong, a good option when travelling Brunei on a budget


Brunei is a conservative Muslim country where local customs should be respected. Light and comfortable clothing is usually fine but shoulders and knees should be covered.

Electricity sockets

The sockets in Brunei use three-square pin plugs. A universal adaptor will allow you to use the socket to charge your electronic devices when abroad.

Don’t forget to pack:

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