Detail of the pink Mosque in Shiraz

Guide to getting your Iran visa and independent travel to Iran

You’ve surely heard just how amazing Iran can be as a travel destination (honestly, we cannot recommend it enough), although ...
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Malta itinerary – how to spend a week in Malta and best places to go in Malta

It’s a shame that we’ve never written a post about our home country Malta, or given our readers some insight ...
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The traditional motorino is a common sighting in calabria

The Best Things to do in Calabria and Calabria Itinerary

If quaint mountain villages, undeveloped beaches and charming fishing villages are your thing, head over to southern Italy and follow ...
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Beaches of Dawei

Southern Myanmar Itinerary – Exploring Myanmar Off the Beaten Track

Palm trees, empty beaches, uninhabited tropical islands, golden stupas and the friendliest people ever – our southern Myanmar itinerary will ...
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One of the many golden statues adorning the Golden Temple

Bangkok Itinerary – Things to do in Bangkok in 3 days

The huge Thai capital of Bangkok can appear to be rather overwhelming if you’re planning only a short stay, but ...
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The beaches of Havelock in Andaman

Two Week Andaman Itinerary and Best Places to Visit in Andaman

This Andaman itinerary will guide you around all the best places to visit in Andaman in two weeks, with tips ...
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Fancy accomodation at Loktak Lake

Ultimate North East India Travel Guide and North East India itinerary

North East India is a region made up of eight very diverse states in the easternmost part of the country ...
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Double suspension bridge in mechuka

Places to Visit in Arunachal Pradesh – Arunachal Pradesh Itinerary

The remote and relatively unexplored state of Arunachal Pradesh is one of the seven states (some say eight and include ...
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Some shade at Madivaru point - Backpacking Maldives - A Guide to Maldives Local Islands Travel for €35day

Backpacking Maldives – A Guide to Maldives Local Islands Travel for €35/day

Picture this: crystal-clear waters fringed by swaying palm trees and white sands. Now here’s the good news: the gorgeous island ...
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