Malaysia is one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia with a fantastic infrastructure that makes traveling across the country very easy (and cost effective), even to those traveling in Asia for the first time. The country is one of the most culturally diverse countries in Asia, with a heavy Chinese and Indian influence, as well as a touch of British and Arabic.

Malaysia is home to a fantastic coastline and idyllic tropical islands, deep rainforest as well as modern cities and heritage destinations. Additionally, Malaysia is known to offer some of the best food in all of Asia making it absolutely one of Nikki’s favorite countries on the entire planet!

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Some facts about Malaysia

  • Kuala Lumpur is home to the Petronas Towers which were ranked as the world’s tallest building between 1998 and 2004.
  • The currency in Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).
  • The island of Borneo is shared by Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.
  • Putrajaya is home to the biggest roundabout in the world.
  • The Taman Negara is one of the oldest rainforests on Earth.
  • Malaysia (Borneo) is one out of two countries in the world where orangutans can be spotted in the wild. The other is Indonesia (Sumatra and Borneo).
  • Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, mostly practiced by Malays.
  • The Tarik or Pulled Tea can be thrown from one cup to another over a distance of 1 metre without spillage.
  • Penang contains a wrought-iron caricature dedicated to Jimmy Choo, the shoe-designer, who was born in this city.

Best Time to Travel to Malaysia

This is tricky because it depends a lot on where you intend going. Malaysia has a tropical climate and is warm throughout the year, with Kuala Lumpur being rainy for 200 days of the year. The west has the best weather during December to April (dry season) whilst the east coast is at its best during April up to October, but sees torrential rain in November and December, with ferries across to the islands being cancelled most of the time. Borneo is best visited in March to October, with the wettest period being from November up to February.

Time in Malaysia

GMT +8

Language in Malaysia

The country’s official language is Bahasa Malay, but English is also used officially and is very widely-spoken.

KLCC - Top attractions in Kuala Lumpur

The Visa situation in Malaysia

Visa requirements and conditions are subject to frequent changes. Always check the latest requirements with your Malaysian embassy or consulate to determine which type of visa (if any at all) is the most suitable

Visa-free entry: granted to citizens of the majority of countries for stays of up to 14, 30 or 90 days.
Entry into the state of Sarawak is controlled under separate immigration laws.

Traveling in Malaysia

Buses are easily the cheapest way of traveling between different areas. Check Easybook or 12Go Asia for the latest prices and availabilities for buses and ferries. Flights are also a convenient mode of transport and are usually pretty affordable! Check Nusatrip for the latest prices and availabilities for flights. Ferries are generally used for transport to islands from the mainland.

Food in Malaysia

Malaysia is known for having some of the best cuisine in all of Asia, with Penang being proclaimed as its food capital. Malaysia’s national dish is Nasi lemak, consisting of rice cooked in coconut milk with sambal, anchovies, peanuts and boiled egg, wrapped in a banana leaf. Whatever your taste, Malaysian food rarely disappoints!

Monkey beach - Beaches, Monkeys and Jungle treks on Tioman Island - Pulau Tioman


Light and comfortable clothing is usually fine, but remember to always carry a suitable rain jacket on your travels. Unexpected downpours are frequent! Wear long clothing during jungle treks and use mosquito repellent containing DEET. Malaria is of moderate risk in some areas in Malaysia but dengue fever is present.

Electricity sockets

The sockets in Malaysia use three-square pin plugs. A universal adaptor will allow you to use the socket to charge your electronic devices when abroad.

Don’t forget to pack:

Read our packing list of essential items! <coming soon>

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