Unlike so many other countries in Southeast Asia, the city-state of Singapore does not boast of many remote, pristine white-sand beaches. It is instead a modern, wealthy country with a flourishing shopping scene and a hub for commerce, finance and transport. With its efficient public transport system, iconic architecture, bustling markets and its clean city center, traveling in Singapore couldn’t be easier!

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Some facts about Singapore

  • Singapore is the least corrupt country in Asia.
  • Singapore’s official currency Singapore Dollar (SGD).
  • The country is officially secular.
  • Chewing gum is banned in Singapore.
  • The Singapore Botanical Garden is the only UNESCO-inscribed botanical garden
  • Singapore is one out of three city-states in the world. The other two are Monaco and the Vatican City.
  • Singapore is made up of one large island and 63 small surrounding islands.
  • Singaporeans are the fastest walkers on the planet.
  • Buildings in Singapore cannot be higher than 280 meters.

Best time to travel to Singapore

Singapore is a great destination all year-round with the wettest months being between November and January and the hottest between May and September. Still, there isn’t a massive difference between the wet and the dry season and heat and humidity is to be expected at any time.

Time in Singapore

GMT +8

Language in Singapore

The official languages of Singapore are English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

Clarke Quay - 3 days in Singapore

The visa situation in Singapore

Visa requirements and conditions are subject to frequent changes. Always check the latest requirements with your Singapore embassy or consulate to determine which type of visa (if any at all) is the most suitable

 Visa-free entry: granted to nationals of most countries

Traveling in Singapore

 Public transportation in Singapore is extremely easy to use with a very efficient MRT and bus system.

Food in Singapore

Singaporean food is very much influenced by the surrounding countries and the ethnic groups living in the country, which contributes greatly to its diversity. Elements of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine play a crucial part in the flavor and structure of Singaporean dishes, but dishes from all around the world are widely available in Singapore. Laksa, Chicken Rice and Char Kway Teow are some of the most popular and tastiest dishes!

Little India cow mural - 3 days in Singapore


Light and comfortable clothing is usually fine in the city.

Electricity sockets

The sockets in Singapore use three-square pin plugs. A universal adaptor will allow you to use the socket to charge your electronic devices when abroad.

Don’t forget to pack:

Read our packing list of essential items!<coming soon>

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