the rice terraces of Banaue and Batad

The Rice Terraces of Banaue and Batad

Just when we thought that the Philippines couldn’t get any prettier after having spent two weeks exploring deserted beaches and ...
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Mas-Aso falls view of children preparing a chicken for a bbq - the best and worst of Bohol

50 Tips for Traveling in the Philippines

The Philippines is by no means an easy country to travel in. It is sometimes complicated to get around, transport ...
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Cheeky Passports’ Chicken Adobo Recipe

Perhaps there is no dish that encompasses Filipino cuisine, culture and history in the same way that the Adobo does ...
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walking tour of Cebu City, the San Pedro fort

A Walking Tour of Cebu City, Philippines

If you are heading down to the central-south islands of the Philippines, it is very likely you will need to ...
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sunken ship in the port of Sibuyan

How to get to Sibuyan Island

Travelling from island to island in the Philippines tends to get complicated sometimes. Sibuyan, located in the province of Romblon, ...
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Cresta De Gallo, Sibuyan

Why We Fell In Love With Sibuyan

As the jeepney set off from the port of Magdiwang to San Fernando, we wondered whether coming here had been ...
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Canon Eos 700d - Cheeky Passports Electronics packing list

Electronics Packing List for Long Term Travel

Have you ever wondered what the packing list for long term travel looks like? I can tell you immediately, it’s ...
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the blind turtle of Pangasama beach, Moalboal

Making the Most of Moalboal

A three-hour bus ride away from Cebu City, this little fishing town is charming enough to be included on the ...
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crucifixion at san pedro cutud

A Guide to The Good Friday Crucifixions in San Pedro Cutud

After a very sudden and unexpected change of plans during our travels in the Philippines, we found ourselves in Manila ...
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the golgotha - crucifixion at san pedro cutud

How to get to San Fernando Pampanga from Manila

Online directions to the Crucifixion site in San Pedro Cutud seemed very hard to come by, so we are writing ...
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Michelle enjoying the view of the chocolate hills in bohol - the best and worst of Bohol

Our Guide to the Best and Worst of Bohol

It comes as no surprise that Bohol is fast becoming a tourist hotspot in the Philippines. With its quirky Chocolate ...
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preparing food ontop of the sand dune at Virgin island, Panglao - Why we won’t recommend Island hopping in Panglao

Why we don’t recommend the Island Hopping tour in Panglao

The island hopping tour in Panglao is one of the most popular activities in the region. The tour, departing from ...
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Highlights of Coron - a view of the rock cliff side over the sea at one of the islands visited during the tour

Highlights of Coron

Coron was right at the top of our list of places to visit in the Philippines, having been highly recommended ...
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three days in el nido - view of hidden beach, one of the gems of the el nido tour C

How to Spend Three Days in El Nido

El Nido is a little beach town nestled at the foot of the karst cliffs on the Northwest side of ...
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The DIY guide to visiting the Puerto Princesa Underground River

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (also known as the Puerto Princesa Underground River or PPUR), a UNESCO World ...
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Love locks on Lake Ohrid in Macedonia

Thoughts Before We Leave Home – Part 2

5 things we’re looking forward to and 5 challenges we expect to face on our travels This is Part 2 ...
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Thoughts Before We Leave Home – Part 1

5 things we’re looking forward to and 5 challenges we expect to face on our travels One week left before ...
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View of Sevenavank Monastery in Armenia overlooking the calm Lake Sevan below

The 10 Most Beautiful Monasteries in Armenia

Visiting Armenia? The Caucasian country is full of scenic spots, but what really sets it apart are its beautiful monasteries ...
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The Best Things to do In and Around Baden-Baden during Christmas Time

After deciding to use Baden-Baden as our base during part of our all-girls trip around Luxembourg, the Alsace region of ...
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Visiting Abkhazia

There’s something enticing about travelling to a place which nobody seems to know about (and which according to the UN ...
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Five Things To Do in Istanbul During an Airport Layover

Together with Dubai and Doha, Istanbul's Ataturk airport is one of the important airline hubs for people travelling from Europe ...
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Four Fun (and One Less Fun) Experiences in Georgia

From therapeutic Sulphur baths to feasting on a wide selection of flavoursome foods, Georgia proved to be everything you would ...
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Armenia – better than The Kardashians

When we excitedly told our friends and family that we would be travelling to Armenia, the most common reaction was ...
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Armenia’s Top Five Places to Visit

Armenia has for many years been the lesser known destination in the Caucauses. Boasting spectacular landscapes, Armenia is in the ...
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Coastal Montenegro (Ulcinj, Sveti Stefan and Kotor)

Coastal Montenegro is something special. Although I thought that Croatia’s coastline is gorgeous, Montenegro’s shores just blew me away. They ...
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Nikšić and Ostrog Monastery in Montenegro

The drive from the border to Nikšić, Montenegro’s second largest town, was uneventful except for a photo stop at a ...
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A Picnic in Apollonia

The buildings along the highway from Tirana to Fier are very evident due to their colourful and ultra-modern facades, but for ...
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Discovering Montenegro – Reasons to visit Montenegro

Montenegrin women have long, slim legs. That was my first observation in Montenegro. As any decent engineer would do, Nikki ...
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Berat, Pogradec and Shkoder

During our roadtrip in Albania, three of the town we visited where Berat, Pogradec and Shkoder, all very different and ...
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Planning a Trip to Abkhazia

You may be forgiven for never having heard of Abkhazia, even if you’re great at geography, unless you're Russian of ...
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