Ushqim – Eating in Kosovo

Heavy on meat, cheese and pastry, the food in Kosovo is similar to that in other Balkan countries but includes a local twist. Ushqim, the Albanian word for ‘food’ is something you will hear very often if you plan on eating in kosovo!

Our top choice for food in Kosovo.

Here’s a description of some traditional yummy dishes:

Burek, food in kosovo



A delicious, oily snack typical of the Balkans and probably the most popular street food within the region. In Kosovo the meat-filled variant seems to be a firm favourite and when eaten fresh is hard to beat.


This is a traditional dish of both Albania and Kosovo and looks like a stack of pancakes where each layer is brushed with a type of cream. It is typically cooked in a “sac” (a sort of pie pan) over an open fire and served with yoghurt or kaymak. Apparently very cumbersome to make but delicious!


A variety of different sausages seem to be very popular in Kosovo. Suxhuk is worth a mention. Very spicy and rather salty it was served to us grilled and was slightly hard, chewy and very rich.

Meat and Sausage platter, eating in kosovo

Meat and Sausage platter

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Cheese and dairy 

We had the pleasure of sampling the local Sar cheese in Prizren. A hard cheese made in the Sar mountains, it is salty, strong and traditionally eaten with pita bread or crumbled onto salads. We were served a massive portion as a starter which satisfied our cheese cravings for a while! Dairy products are an important part of the Kosovar diet; some of our meats were also stuffed with cheese, had cheese grated onto them and were served with a creamy yoghurt.

Sar cheese with Pita bread, food in kosovo

Sar cheese with Pita bread

Skanderbeg Steak with sides

Skanderbeg Steak with sides

Skanderbeg steak, eating in Kosovo made easy! 

A roll of meat, stuffed with cheese which oozes out as you cut into it, breaded and fried, then doused with a white, creamy dressing. Found in several restaurants in Kosovo, you have to try this (once). It is similar to the Serbian Karađorđe Steak but in Kosovo it seems to have been renamed to reflect the country’s admiration of the Albanian hero.

Fruit and vegetables 

Delicious looking fruits and vegetables can be found everywhere in Kosovo. Juicy strawberries were in season during our trip and made for a great afternoon snack. Our main courses were always served with very fresh salads with some lovely dressing.

Local Wine

Local Wine


Surprisingly good! I hadn’t realised that Kosovo was a wine-producing region until the waiter recommended a local product. He explained that the wine industry is picking up in this little country. A great complement to the heavy food.


A good coffee fix is very easy to find in Kosovo where locals seem to be continuously drinking it from small cups in the many cafes. Coffee lovers take note – Kosovars believe their macchiato to be the best in the world and take great pride in brewing it. And it did indeed deliver a much-needed kick.

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