Things to do in Kashan, Iran in one day

The beautiful city of Kashan, Iran, is one of the country’s ‘showpieces’. Once a well-kept secret, we quickly discovered that it is now a rather popular destination. There are not a large number of things to do in Kashan, Iran, and the important attractions in the city can be explored in one day, although we are sure that staying longer would have made for a more fulfilling experience.

Roof detail at the Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin)
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How to get to Kashan

Kashan is easily accessible from a number of other places in Iran. Kashan is only 2-3 hours away from Tehran by road, and therefore, many buses run the route frequently. It is also connected directly to Isfahan by bus and to Yazd by train.

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Things to do in Kashan

Kashan, Iran is a small, easy city to walk around in, which makes many of the things to do in Kashan very accessible. There is little doubt that Kashan’s gems are the absolutely gorgeous historical Persian houses in the city (although Fin garden and the Kashan Bazaar are not to be missed!).

The large, beautiful old houses with their magnificent architecture, colours, decorations and frescoes are a testimony of the city’s wealth at a time when Kashan, Iran, was an important centre of commerce.

Here’s what you can expect to explore in Kashan, Iran in one day.

Detail at the Tabatabaie Residence 

Tabatabaie Residence 

We started exploring Kashan, Iran from what turned out to be our favourite historical Persian house. Moving from courtyard to courtyard, the ‘wow’ factor soon kicked in, as we started to understand why people raved so much about the traditional Persian houses.

This particular historical residence is very large, with 40 rooms, and a classic example of luxurious architecture combined with the elegance of stucco, stained glass and wall paintings. If you choose to see only one historical house in Kashan, Iran, we would strongly advise you to go to this one!

Entrance fee: 300,000 rial (30,000 toman), or 700,000 rial (70,000 toman) for the combo ticket including entrance to two historical houses and Hammam e Soltan Mir Ahmad.

Find it on a map! – Tabatabaie Residence 

Inside the Tabatabaie residence in kashan iran
Stained windows of the Tabatabaie residence
Tabatabaie Residence in Kashan Iran

Abbasian House

Abbasian House is an equally pretty house which was unfortunately covered in scaffolding and being restored during our visit, so we thought that it was very miss-able during this time. We’re sure that it would look pretty spectacular once the works are completed!

Parts of this house in Kashan, Iran were accessible and we did enjoy exploring those! The house includes six separate courtyards and different stories and levels. The architecture is impressive as are the decorations which include stucco, stained glass and mirrors, including a fantastic ‘Hall of Mirrors’. However, if the scaffolding is still present, we would advise you to not include this house on your list of things to do in Kashan.

Entrance fee: 300,000 rial (30,000 toman), or 700,000 rial (70,000 toman) for the combo ticket including entrance to two historical houses and Hammam e Soltan Mir Ahmad.

Find it on a map! – Abbasian House 

the facade of Abbasian House in kashan iran
inside the Abbasian House in kashan
intricate architecture inside the Abbasian house in kashan

Boroujerdi House

The magnificent dome and ceiling of the Boroujerdi house is worth the entrance fee for this attraction, although any other parts of the house are also worth exploring. Apparently, the house was decorated by Kamal al-Molk, a famous Iranian painter at the time.

This house also features wind towers, used as ‘natural’ air conditioners, an ingenious concept used by locals to cool down houses in Iran. We had already experienced wind towers in Yazd and Qeshm island, so we were not overly fascinated with these, although they always feel quite ‘magical’!

Entrance fee: 300,000 rial (30,000 toman)

Find it on a map! – Boroujerdi House 

The magnificent dome and ceiling of the Boroujerdi house in kashan iran
Inside the Boroujerdi house in kashan iran
Decorations of the Boroujerdi house in kashan iran

Kashan Bazaar

Our ‘last’ bazaar in Iran certainly did not disappoint! We had already been told that the Kashan bazaar was worth a visit, and indeed, it is home to one of the most beautiful bazaar halls (called Amin al-Dawlah Timche) we’ve seen within the several bazaars we went to, on our month-long trip to Iran.

The other halls and caravanserais are typical of all the bazaars of Iran, with several stalls and souvenir shops, shoppers and merchants, but this particular room really stands out. Do put it on your list of things to do in Kashan, Iran.

Find it on a map! – Kashan Bazaar 

the mesmerizing architecture of the Kashan Bazaar
Kashan Bazaar
Bazaar roof in Kashan, Iran

Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin)

The Fin garden is another gem in Kashan, Iran. The garden is easily one of the most pleasant gardens we visited in all of Iran, and we highly recommend that you include on your list of things to do in Kashan.

Just like Narenjestan Garden and Eram Garden in Shiraz and and Shazdeh Garden in Kerman, Fin garden is another wonderful example of the beauty of traditional Persian gardens. We thought that Fin Garden was a true masterpiece of decorative elements, architecture and water ways which come together to make a truly astounding attraction.

The entrance fee is pricey compared to the other attractions in Kashan, Iran, but we assure you that the beauty of the garden is well worth the ticket price!

Entrance fee: 500,000 rial (50,000 toman)

Find it on a map! – Fin Garden 

Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin) in Kashan Iran
Fin Garden in Kashan Iran
water features at the fin garden in Kashan

Hammam e Soltan Mir Ahmad

Another city, another bathhouse, you might say! True, this was probably the sixth or seventh bathhouse we visited during our trip to Iran, and at one point they kind of started to look the same. The most particular aspect of this bathhouse though is its wonderful domed roof, which although is a feature of most bathhouses, was accessible to tourists in Kashan, Iran.

Also, the Hammam e Soltan Amir Ahmad did not feature the usual mannequins found in other bathhouses, which although were previously very helpful in aiding us to perceive local life in Iran, were also kind of a distraction from the symmetry and beauty of the other hammams.

Entrance fee: 300,000 rial (30,000 toman)

Find it on a map! – Hammam e Soltan Mir Ahmad 

Inside the Hammam e Soltan Mir Ahmad in kashan iran
Outside the Hammam e Soltan Mir Ahmad in kashan iran

Where to stay in Kashan

We highly recommend Ferdows Kooshk Traditional Hotel, located in a very narrow street in the old part of Kashan. The young owners did a brilliant job of restoring an old traditional house and converting it into a guesthouse, and our large room overlooking the courtyard was simply brilliant. Our hosts were super friendly and felt like friends!

We paid €19 / night for our beautiful room with attached bathroom.

You can search for and book other hotels in Kashan on 1st Quest.

Find it on a map! – Ferdows Kooshk Traditional Hotel 

Where to eat in Kashan

We had dinner at two different restaurants during our time in Kashan and highly recommend both. Morshedi Restaurant located in a gorgeous guesthouse of the same name was clearly the more popular of the two, since we struggled to get a table when we turned up, despite the restaurant having more than one dining area. I got an absolutely wonderful Fesenjan there!

Manouchehri Restaurant, also in a house of the same name was a lot more quiet, and the dishes here were given a modern twist and were beautifully presented. We both agreed that the experience felt like ‘fine dining’ in Europe (and indeed we felt very underdressed in our travel clothes), although the bill was only slightly higher than what we had become accustomed to paying in Iran.

Souveniers in Abyaneh

Places to visit outside of Kashan

If you have more time to spend in the area outside of Kashan, Iran, or you are moving out of the city with private transport and looking for places to stop, we recommend the following:

Man and Donkey in Abyaneh

Nushabad underground City

For being only 20 minutes outside of Kashan, the recently-excavated tunnels (called underground city) of Nushabad are relatively obscure. The visit involves a walk in an excavated network of tunnels which we really found very interesting despite the whole visit being only around 20 minutes long.

The 1,500-year old series of long tunnels, steps and networks was only discovered in recent years. The purpose of the tunnels was to provide shelter from the summer heat, and also to allow inhabitants to move from one part of the city to another without encountering threats.

We thought that the tunnels were a lot like our own war shelters in Malta with a similar purpose, although, the engineering behind the Nooshabad tunnels is way more sophisticated than the tunnels in our home country.

Entrance fee: 500,000 rial (50,000 toman)

Find it on a map! – Nushabad Underground City

Nushabad underground city - near Kashan Iran

Abyaneh Village

If you have a chance to go to Abyaneh, don’t miss it! Abyaneh is known as the red village because of its buildings made of red clay bricks. The locals here still wear traditional (and beautiful) floral clothing, and donkeys roam the narrow streets so that the whole village atmosphere feels as though little has changed in the past 100 years!

We visited Abyaneh at the end of November in the snow, which turned out to be a wonderful contrast to the village’s red hues and blue skies! The village has been built in a stepped manner similar to Palangan, though it is not as steep. There are a few attractions and places of interest in Abyaneh, but what we loved most was definitely walking through the narrow streets and just observing local life.

Be aware that due to its proximity to Kashan, the village is quite touristic, so don’t expect to be the only person there!

Find it on a map! – Abyaneh Village

Abyaneh Village alley straight

Snowy mountain views in Abyaneh


Sadly, we had to miss out on Qom because of ongoing protests in the country during our last week there and an ensuing blackout. During this time, we were advised by locals to avoid Qom, one of the most religious spots in all of Iran, and although we didn’t get into any trouble, or felt in any danger during all of our time in the country, we decided to follow the locals’ advice.

Qom is one of the holiest cities in Iran, and is famous for religious attractions and landmarks, which we shall not include in this post, since of course we never made it there. We do encourage you to travel there though, since it is one of the most important destinations in Iran!

Read more about Iran!

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The beautiful city of Kashan, Iran, is now a rather popular destination. The things to do in Kashan, Iran, can be explored in one day. #iran #irantravel #iranissafe #toptouristattractions #tourism #travel #travelstoke #offthebeat #iran #attractions #worldheritage #kerman #unesco #worldheritage
The beautiful city of Kashan, Iran, is now a rather popular destination. The things to do in Kashan, Iran, can be explored in one day. #iran #irantravel #iranissafe #toptouristattractions #tourism #travel #travelstoke #offthebeat #iran #attractions #worldheritage #kerman #unesco #worldheritage
The beautiful city of Kashan, Iran, is now a rather popular destination. The things to do in Kashan, Iran, can be explored in one day. #iran #irantravel #iranissafe #toptouristattractions #tourism #travel #travelstoke #offthebeat #iran #attractions #worldheritage #kerman #unesco #worldheritage

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