How to Travel Around Tripura, India

This post deals with the logistics of how to travel around Tripura to get to the best tourist places in the region. For extensive information about the best places to visit in Tripura, read this post.

We found that traveling in Tripura by state and shared transport was actually quite easy when compared to traveling in other Northeastern states such as Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland. The roads are relatively well-maintained and once we amassed some information about where and how to travel between the different tourist places in Tripura, it was all quite easy-going.

We are including all the logistical information we collected during our time in Tripura in this post to help you travel around too!

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How to get to Udaipur from Agartala – Travel Around Tripura

Udaipur is the third largest city in Tripura and very well connected to the state capital Agartala. It should not be confused with the larger Udaipur city in Rajasthan. To get to Tripura by state bus, go to the Nagerjala bus station in Agartala and find a bus headed to Udaipur. These are usually marked on the front of the windscreen, but asking around is just fine. The buses run frequently and are quite comfortable by Northeast Indian standards.

The rickshaw from Agartala centre to Nagerjala bus station cost Rs 60 (about €0.80) and the bus ticket to Udaipur cost Rs 50 (about €0.65) each.

Read this post for more information and tips about Udaipur and the rest of Tripura.

How to get to Neermahal from Udaipur

The gateway to Neermahal is the village of Melaghar situated by Rudrasagar lake on which the water palace of Neermahal is found.

To get to Neermahal from Udaipur, we first took a rickshaw to Rajarbagh bus station (Rs 10/€ 0.13 each) and then a bus to Melaghar (Rs 20/€ 0.26 each). The ride was about 1.5 hours long and the route was pleasantly scenic.

The bus dropped us off at the market in Melaghar where a sign saying Neermahal pointed towards a road at a tangent to the main road, which, after a short 15 min walk, led us to the lake shore, from where we could catch the boat to Neermahal.

Getting back involved getting a similar bus back to Rajarbagh bus station from the market in Melaghar. The town is pretty small so it’s easy to get around.

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Neermahal water palace detail in Tripura - tourist places to visit in Tripura

How to get to Chabimura from Udaipur – Travel Around Tripura

The gateway to Chabimura is the village of Amarpur and this is your first stop on your journey to Chabimura. Same as for getting to Neermahal (above), we first got a rickshaw to Rajarbagh bus station (Rs 10/€0.13 each).

When we told the people at the bus station that we wanted to get to Amarpur, they pointed to a shared sumo which was headed there. The cost was of Rs 30 (about €0.40) per seat, and we decided to get three seats between the two of us, so that we could fit in a little more comfortably.

After 1.5 hours, we arrived in Amarpur and asked the sumo driver how to get to Chabimura. He pointed to a rickshaw whose driver asked for Rs 600 (about € 7.75) for a return trip to Chabimura with waiting time. We felt that this was really steep and managed to negotiate it down to Rs 400 (about €5.20) which we thought was still expensive, but finally agreed to it because we didn’t want to spend more time negotiating, when we weren’t yet sure of how to find a boat to take us to see the rock carvings.

The rickshaw driver also joined us on the boat, and later took us back to market road in Amarpur, where we found another sumo headed back to Udaipur.

Read this post for more information and tips about Chabimura and the rest of Tripura.

Chiabimura Rock Carvings in Tripura

How to get to Unakoti from Agartala – Travel Around Tripura

The Heritage Park of Unakoti is located about 130 km from Agartala and it would be highly unpractical to visit the park on a day trip using state transport. Hence, we decided to make our way to the city of Dharmanagar and use it as a base from where to visit Unakoti. It is also possible to use Kailashahar as a base, but since this is a smaller city, we preferred Dharmanagar for easier connections.

Agartala to Dharmanagar

Agartala and Dharmanagar are connected via a train system which runs through Tripura, so we found the railway to be a convenient way of traveling between the two cities.

The train station at Agartala is a pretty building (and an attraction in itself), but totally lacking in facilities with respect to food outlets and related amenities, so be sure to take your own food and drinks! We traveled to Dharmanagar (Rs 145/€1.80 each) on sleeper class surrounded by a school of kids, most of who ended up on our bunks because their friends were seated right opposite.

It was decidedly the worst train journey we had in India, and we couldn’t wait to get off the train, our clothes having been stained with food and crumbs of all the kids spilling onto and all over us. At one point we counted 15 kids on two bunks of 3 persons each!

How to Travel Around Tripura to Unakoti

Dharmanagar to Unakoti

From our hotel in Dharmanagar the next morning, we walked to the road leading to the train station and encountered a couple of vans, one of which was headed to Kailashahar. The driver told us to get on the van and that he would stop us at Unakoti. The cost was of Rs 50 (€0.65) each and the journey lasted about an hour.

Read this post for more information and tips about Unakoti

To get back to Dharmanagar from Unakoti, we walked back to the spot where the van had stopped us. We were a little unsure as to what to do next, but after waiting a little, a bus which was going all the way to Guwahati in Assam stopped for us to get on, and dropped us off in Dharmanagar for Rs 50 (€0.65) each.

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