the walkway from a beach to another at - Kapas island, Pulau Kapas

Living the Slow Life on Kapas Island

Kapas Island, aka. Pulau Kapas or Cotton Island, just off the coast of Marang in the Terengganu state, on the ...
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Houses of Georgetown - things to do in Penang

10 Things to do in Penang, Malaysia

Back in June, on Nikki’s insistence, we spent 10 days or so in Georgetown, Penang in order to experience its ...
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Brother and Sister on a swing - street art in penang

Discovering the Street Art in Penang

When I had first visited Georgetown, Penang’s famous heritage city, almost a decade ago, I was rather disappointed with what ...
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Noodle dish - Budget Restaurants in KL

Budget Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

Although we really recommend the street food in Malaysia , which we normally ate on the go, there were times ...
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Tea Plantations in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands on a Budget

Located in the higher midlands of Malaysia, Cameron Highlands presents the perfect weekend getaway opportunity if you’re looking to escape ...
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KL tower by night - Top attractions in Kuala Lumpur

Top Attractions in Kuala Lumpur

Few countries spell out diversity as boldly as Malaysia does, a characteristic which is strongly reflected in its capital city ...
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Assam Laksa - Steet food in Malaysia

A Guide to the Best Street Food in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country with a very diverse, sometimes eclectic culture incorporating various aspects of Malay, Chinese and Hindu heritage ...
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